User Day 2 in Avignon

AI Tools for Media & the Newsroom

How AI & Language Technologies Make a Difference

The SELMA User Day is a two-day meeting focussing on industrial uptake of SELMA outcomes and will be part of the FESTIVAL IA from LIA / University of Avignon. The first day features a SELMA panel talk which will be available online. The second day will be an on-site event with demonstrations and hands-on experiences for NLP related data, tools and technological developments. In several booths we will demo how language technology can be used for media production and news media monitoring.

People gather to exchange ideas, discuss and try out language tools and technologies in the context of European research projects. Please note, that the lingua franca at the FESTIVAL IA will be French (of course the booth area and demonstration will also be shown in English).

Please register for joining the on the 15.11 here:

Program, 15 November 2023

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SELMA User Day 2 poster with the slogan: AI Tools for Media and the Newsroom