Podcast Creator

Selecting the stories of the week and producing them as a Podcast? The experimental SELMA Podcast creator lets you do exactly this.

Jump right into the Podcast Creator (starting in Minute 2:23)

Articles can be “fetched” from the Monitio platform and can be summarized – either manually or automatically. Then the system weaves everything together, including company-specific jingles, and creates a downloadable Podcast within seconds.

Screenshot of the SELMA Podcast Creator

The image above shows the UI of the podcast creator. Several settings can be made, including Language, Narrator, Voice Provider and Synthetic Voice. Three stories and headlines have been fetched. The story description can be automatically or manually summarized. All created podcasts are shown in the left area.

SELMA contribution

  • Development of App UI
  • Integration of an API from Monitio
  • User Evaluation for more automatized content workflows


  • SELMA Podcast creator (available on Apple TestFlight, credentials needed)

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